Ampoules and vials

A small sample can make a big difference to the success of a brand. Ampoules and vials are a prime example of how a company can position its product in the mind of the consumer.

The advantages of ampoules and vials

How many times have you received a vial of a cosmetic which you’ve then ended up buying, simply because you liked the product inside? This has probably happened to you more than once or twice. Well, this is precisely one of the key advantages to using Ampoules and vials for your samples: they encourage the consumer to take an interest in your product, which often leads to them purchasing it.

That’s what we do at Sampling Innovations: we help you position your brand through free samples distributed in vial format, either glass or plastic.

Currently, brand competition is so high that many brands are seeking to get closer to their consumer. And what better way to let customers know about your product, than by allowing them to use and try products that perhaps they would not have otherwise.

Studies show that consumers have a great perception of the products they test in ampoules and vials. And, it’s possible to market a wide variety of products in this way because, for example, not only do we manufacture Ampoules and vials for cosmetics, but we also offer the opportunity to create custom kits using this type of sample. Therefore, you could create a kit including Ampoules and vials of cosmetics, among other products related to your brand that you wish to position alongside this range in the market.

“And, what about the cost?”, you may ask. Well, you should know that both glass and plastic Ampoules and vials are one of the most cost-effective options for promoting your products and your business. In addition to Ampoules and vials, we also produce cardboard inserts, which help you to better communicate and promote your product, and therefore to reach your consumer more effectively. So, you’ll have everything you need for an effective promo campaign!

We can customise the final packaging in multiple ways. We offer a solution for every need, according to the requirements of each brand.

In short, this is a very attractive solution to bring your brand closer to the consumer, and to double your chances of attracting new customers. So, tell us what you need and let us take care of the rest

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