Diffuser Vials

If your company is dedicated to the world of perfumery, it’s likely that you’re constantly looking for the best way to get your fragrances to the public in small doses. Here we offer you the definitive answer.

Once you’ve discovered all the characteristics the diffuser vials have to offer, and know everything there is to know about these sampling products and what they can do for you and your brand, you’ll never want to try another product! Are you intrigued?

Reasons to choose diffuser vials

Vials are the classic option used by fragrance brands to publicise their products. Specifically, diffuser vials are the most widely used choice for this type of sampling strategy, largely due to their convenient format and ease of use.
Available in glass or PET material, with a wide variety of sizes and decoration possibilities, they also come supplied with a spray pump. This is precisely what makes them so special. Although diffuser vials are mostly used to distribute a single dose of a perfume that you’ve developed, its diffuser format allows the user to save a small portion of the product for later use.

Personalised diffuser vials

Choose Sampling Innovations for your promotional sampling strategy, and we’re sure you won’t regret it! Even if you already know the basis of what you need for distributing single doses of your fragrance, you’ll need the help of an experienced team like ours to shape your idea and customise your packaging to generate the maximum possible impact.
We’ll take care of all that! Our team are experts in the management of promotional projects related to the field of beauty and cosmetics, and we’ll work hard to devise the best possible method for distributing your vials. There are many ways to do this: in cases, in a kit with a promotional flyer, in a box, or as a gift set. We offer a solution for every need, according to the requirements of each brand.

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