Eco-friendly Sampling

Sustainability is now expected in the cosmetics and perfumery sector, both in terms of formulation and packaging. Consumers are looking for more sustainable, multifunctional, practical and innovative cosmetics, adapted to their needs and connected to their lifestyle.

At Sampling Innovations Europe, we are addressing this global change of mentality by providing the market with more sustainable packaging and sampling solutions. We are committed to promoting responsible consumption, from all areas, including energy consumption. Our business objective is to reduce the environmental impact and the carbon footprint of our products.

Eco Friendly

The Sampling Innovations Europe team are committed to researching and developing new environmentally friendly materials and formats to support our clients’ promotional campaigns.

Being green is not a trend for Sampling Innovations, it is part of our spirit and continuous work. We have been investing in various trials and compatibilities to offer a range of solutions to suit every formula.

We are constantly working on new ideas and technologies related to sustainable development and are therefore able to take advantage of all the resources we have at our disposal without harming the environment. We have state-of-the-art machinery that allows us to offer customers several complex solutions from a single material, which facilitates recycling. They represent an ecological alternative, without aluminum, reducing the percentage of plastic and leaving less carbon footprint.

New solutions for Eco-friendly Sampling

  • Mono-material laminates to facilitate recycling
  • Materials of ecological origin
  • Eco-responsible alternative with less plastic percentage and without aluminum


  • Mono-material laminates which facilitate recycling
  • Materials of ecological origin
  • Eco-responsible alternative with less plastic percentage and no aluminium


  • 90% mono PP (Polypropylene)
  • Designed for recycling in a dedicated post stream
  • No PVC, PVDC, Aluminium or PET
  • With metallic barrier
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • Can be printed gravure, digital or flexo


  • Card made with recycled paper and is fully recyclable
  • Paper card, glass vial and PP stopper can be separated by consumer for easy recycling
  • Materials of ecological origin
  • Can be inserted into recyclable sachets or cartons

Scent Crystal

  • Recycled paper flyer - recyclable
  • Materials of ecological origin
  • Separable and recyclable materials

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