Integral Project Management

Experts in comprehensive project management

At Sampling Innovations, we have many years’ experience in the sector, so our comprehensive project management service is the perfect option to steer your sampling strategy in the right direction.

360º service

We have almost 30 years of experience in the sector. Our company consists of a team of more than 40 professionals with a high level of expertise in multiple areas within the promotional marketing and sampling sector.

We pay close attention to the compatibility of products with different types of packaging, as well as printing technologies, appropriate formats and creative ideas, in order to design a comprehensive plan for each of our projects.

Integral Project Management

Our versatile, multidisciplinary team is fully prepared to offer you a 360º service. What does that mean? Well, we offer our clients comprehensive project management from start to finish, including the consequent launch of the product to the market.

We seek the results that your brand deserves and, as such, we consider all the details and optimise them to meet the requirements of your business.

We integrate daily product research into our work in order to guarantee that we’re offering innovative, modern proposals, and incorporating the most state-of-the-art technological advances into our production, all in the name of creating a successful brand strategy for your business.

The best results in comprehensive project management

If you want to position your brand in the market but you’re not sure how to convey your message to the consumer, what type of packaging is most suitable for your product (sachets, vials or any other type of sample), or have concerns about any other step in the sampling strategy process, we can help!

In addition to knowing how and when to launch a product, you’ll undoubtedly need someone to help you with the comprehensive management of your project. We work day in day out to achieve the best results for our clients.

In order to guarantee these results, our team has a high level of expertise across multiple areas, such as laminates, the behaviour of different types of bulk, filling processes, printing technologies, convenient packaging formats, and creative ideas for final packaging.
At Sampling Innovations Europe, we pride ourselves on our long list of established customers, who continue to place their trust in us, thanks to our constant effort towards understanding their needs and offering a comprehensive management service for each of their projects.

Today, many companies consider it necessary to make their mark in the market through samples and single-dose products. We believe it’s an excellent place to start. And, you’re in the best place to do so!

We are experts and pioneers in the field of promotional samples and single-dose products. Our specialty is the development of innovative items in multiple formats and sizes for cosmetic, perfume and personal care products.

At present, we have established ourselves as a benchmark company in the field of promotional sampling and single-dose retail products, thanks to the wide range of formats and the high level of market expertise that we have to offer.

Comprehensive project management is a service required by every company that seeks excellence at a promotional level. Great results take a lot of hard work, and our results speak for themselves.

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