Reaching the consumer, getting them to remember your brand and, most importantly, decide to buy your products, is no simple task.

In most cases, a good product itself is not enough; it also needs to be promoted intelligently and effectively. Miniature samples are an ideal way of achieving this. And, specifically, mini glass jars. Let us explain why.

The advantages of mini glass jars

At Sampling Innovations, we are experts in comprehensive project management in the field of beauty and cosmetics; we have the keys to help you reach your target audience. We know that one of the most effective techniques to do this is promotional sampling, which is why we want to talk to you about one of the most prevalent formats: glass jars.

If you’re looking to treat your regular customers while also attracting potential consumers, mini glass jars are the perfect container for conveying a feeling of luxury. They also offer other great advantages: they’re portable and durable, which gives the user a great impression of the value of your brand.

The effectiveness of customisable mini glass jars

Another great point in favour of the glass jar is its ability to be personalised. At Sampling Innovations, we have a multidisciplinary team who will handle the entire creative process of your project. We offer you the possibility of including illustrations, text, logos… whatever you like! In this way, we can ensure that your sample is not just another sample, but a distinguishing feature for your brand.

If one of your main objectives is to appeal to new customers and foster loyalty with your regular ones, a format as customisable, reusable and durable as the glass jar is a real must-have. Get in touch with us, and we’ll help you to define the best strategy for a successful project.

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