Leaflet Sachets

You’re probably here because you’re considering using single-dose packaging to distribute your perfume or cosmetic products.

If you’re thinking about using sachets, we propose you go one step further and distribute your product samples in a way that also serves to inform your customer of their benefits, advantages and, ultimately, explains why they should buy your products. The leaflet sachet is one of the best sampling solutions for achieving this. Find out more below!

What is the leaflet sachet?

The leaflet sachet is a form of traditional sachet, which, as you well know, is one of the most widely used forms of packaging for the distribution of single-dose products in the cosmetics and beauty world.

It consists of a small sealed envelope or bag that preserves and protects the product inside. This is precisely what makes it the perfect option for brands like yours to promote their products, either at the point of sale or anywhere else.

However, the leaflet sachet goes one step further. Its shape is similar to that of the duo sachet but, instead of the second sachet holding another product, it serves as an advertising leaflet. This is a great feature for promoting new products or cosmetic brands, for example.

The advantages of the leaflet sachet

It is proven that a customer better retains information about a brand or product if they’ve tried the product itself. For this reason, we at Sampling Innovations believe the leaflet sachet to be one of the best advertising solutions for positioning your beauty product in the mind of the end user.

The sachet format makes your product perfect for day-to-day use, as it can be carried in a purse, pocket or backpack. And, there’s no doubt that your customer will read everything included in the leaflet, both when they receive the product and when they use it, which means they’re more likely to retain your message.

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