Makeup labels

Can make-up sample labels help your beauty brand to sell more? Undoubtedly, yes. If you have never tried this marketing practice, it is the perfect time to start using it, especially if you are planning to surprise your customers and potential users of your brand.

At Sampling Innovations, we focus on preparing a campaign that suits your style and your brand, so among our proposals, you can choose a promotion based on the labels with make-up. We tell you all about them!

Reasons to choose Makeup labels

Choosing makeup labels for your promotional marketing campaign is a safe bet. All our labels are custom made, so you can have your samples exactly as you want them.
Make-up labels are a premium product that adds great value to any promotional sampling action. Besides, they are perfect for promotional purposes, taking into account that when it comes to advertising campaigns, a large amount of promotional material is usually required. And makeup labels are the most suitable for large quantity orders.

Labels with makeup, just what your brand needs

The main feature of make-up labels is that the consumer can see the color of the product, as well as the appearance and texture of the make-up, and can test it on their skin.

These labels are filled with your personalized product and are ideal if, for example, you decide to include the label on the advertising page of a magazine or on promotional flyers, postcards to be distributed at points of sale, etc.

At Sampling Innovations we can assess you on the most creative solution for your make-up labels. Our team will take care of the whole development process, so you won’t have to worry about anything, we are sure that with our help you will get a perfect campaign for your brand!

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