Mini-pearl thermoforming

Packaging represents more than 50% of a brand. For this reason, we at Sampling Innovations want to help you choose the packaging that best suits your product, whether you’re looking to distribute promotional products or your own cosmetic and beauty products, such as makeup, at the point of sale.

Mini-pearl thermoforming is one of the best options to give your samples a luxury feel. Here we outline some of its main advantages.

High-quality mini-pearl thermoforming

At Sampling Innovations, we pay special attention to the needs of each client in order to adapt our proposal to their specific requirements. We’re always researching the best thermoformed plastic packaging solutions with the highest standard of quality to protect your makeup and cosmetic products.

Our mini-pearl thermoformed products are of the highest quality, which guarantees that your products have the best finishes and optimal presentation for the final customer. They’re also perfect for holding small doses of product and helping you achieve good results. They don’t break or deform, and they’re very cost-effective. Just what you need to provide your customers with small doses of your beauty products.

Mini-pearl thermoforming, creative ideas

At Sampling Innovations, we always seek to provide you with excellence. As such, we work hard to create unique and effective ideas for your promotional marketing and packaging campaigns. We offer you the solutions you need to mitigate any concern you have about the promotion of your products in small format.

With years of expertise in the field of beauty and cosmetics, our team will help you design the best single-dose packaging options according to your needs. We are experts in comprehensive project management and innovators in the development of sampling campaigns, gift sets and single-use sales products.

We offer a 360º service from the beginning to the end of a project. Passionate about sampling, we offer fully customised solutions for all types of products, including mini-pearl thermoforming.

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