Mouillettes (Scent Strips)

How many times have you been to a perfumery and been able to test out perfumes thanks to mouillettes, better known as scent strips?

Like most consumers, you probably think scent strips are the perfect way to try out new products, without mixing scents. Well, you would be right! We explain more below.

The advantages of scent strips

The mouillette is a great tool for perfumers, as it enables the scent of a perfume to be smelt immediately after vaporisation. These are just a few of the main advantages:

  • High absorption capacity of the scent on paper.
  • Significantly improves the quality image of a business.
  • Easy for the general public to use.
  • Increases the length of the consumer visit and the possibility of an in-store purchase.

In this way, scent strips influence advertising

Did you know that smell is one of the senses which is directly linked to memory and emotions? For this reason, more and more businesses are choosing to implement a sensory marketing strategy.

To this end, scent strips are extremely effective, because the high absorption capacity of the paper allows the scent of the perfume to remain for a long time. This is a characteristic which is appreciated not just by the laboratory professional, who can use it to make advances in product creation, but also by the consumer and the establishment.

It increases the amount of time that a consumer spends in a commercial space, thanks to the possibility of discovering multiple new perfumes. Consequently, it also increases the chance of an in-store purchase, at the same time as generating a more professional business image.

Another great advantage of scent strips, beyond their use as an advertising tool, is their ease of use: customers only need to hold the strip at one end, spray perfume onto the opposite end, wave the strip to dry it, and then proceed to enjoy the smell.

Having the chance to sniff the mouillette at leisure allows the consumer to discover the deeper notes of each scent, and understand the real essence of said perfume. For this reason, scent strips are essential at an advertising level.

Scent strips are a safe bet as a tool for positioning your product. At Sampling Innovations, we are experts in comprehensive project management and innovators in the development of sampling campaigns, gift sets and single-use sales products. We offer a 360º service from the beginning to the end of a project. Passionate about sampling, we offer fully customised solutions for all types of products, including scent strips.

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