If you want to give your customers more than one sample of your product, multi-sachets are the best option. Suitable for gels, liquids, emulsions, creams or makeup (among many others), multi-sachets can contain different products together in one sample.

For example, you could offer a facial treatment containing a makeup remover, serum and face cream. Would you like to learn more about the advantages of multi-sachets? Here we outline everything you need to know about implementing them in your business strategy.

Why do we like multi-sachets?

Multi-sachets have achieved great success in the promotional marketing industry. And with good reason. This is a format that stands out for its versatility when adapting to any type of product, in a wide range of formulas: liquids, creams and even objects such as vials. There are no limits!

At Sampling Innovations, we create completely custom promotional strategies, and our multi-sachet proposals are designed to suit both your needs and those of your customer. This is how we ensure success.

Multi-sachets, unlimited customisation

Would you prefer your samples to be plain, embossed or shaped like a perfume bottle? To this extent, multi-sachets are completely customisable. They can be die-cut, embossed or applied with different effects to create samples which fully represent the essence of your brand. The way you present a product is often just as important as the quality of the product itself.

Our goal as a team of experts in the sector is the successful distribution of your product samples, in terms of customer acquisition and loyalty. Therefore, if you tell us what your product is, what ideas you have for getting it out there, and what your goals are, our creative team will get down to work to offer you the best promotional campaign for your brand. And, believe us: multi-sachets are a great option to keep in mind. Are you inspired to put them into practice?

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