Retail Sets

The demand for single-dose samplings for cosmetic products is higher than ever. Having available the exact and precise dosage of a product at any time and place makes life easier for consumers and improves significantly the brand perception.

Retail sets are ideal for this purpose and are an opportunity that brands shouldn’t miss in order to position their message and products in the minds of potential consumers.

Benefits of Retail Sets

Gift packs, promotional packs or travel kits provide the following advantages for your Brand:

  • They are reusable.
  • They are characteristic for being attractive, and economical.
  • They help to position your brand in the users’ consumption.
  • They have an original, elegant or innovative design.
  • They are perfect for transporting and using them on a daily basis.

Retail sets to promote companies

At Sampling Innovations, you’ll find a wide variety of promotional items and attractive, personalized gift ideas to help increase purchase impulse. If you’re an entrepreneur or an established business in your sector, giving customers promotional items like these can help you keep, retain or attract new customers.
New day-to-day needs have contributed to the emergence of more practical formats, with greater conservation capacity and better appearance. Basically, more attractive to the target user. On our website you will find miniature packs, single-dose packs, sachets, with really surprising combinations and packagings that your company may need for promotions, events or gifts for your customers. We are always up to date with the latest advertising innovations.
The gift packs and cases that you may include as promotions on cosmetic and beauty products are a clear example of what advertising can do for your brand. The final user wants to discover your products and the essence behind your brand name and that is what you can show him through these promotional packs.
At the same time, the packs allow you to approach the consumer directly and be present in their daily routine. Although a cosmetic product can wear out and its packaging can end up in the container, when it is a gift box, as it is a set of non-perishable items, they will last for some time in your customer’s home for other types of use. Therefore, it is possible to carry out a future daily promotion through the packaging of this type of gift packs and promotional samples.

We customize the packaging

The combination of our wide range of miniature and single-dose products with our experience, creates the perfect pack for any brand, always in an integral service.

We customize the final packaging in multiple ways: in boxes, next to a promotional flyer, box or gift pack. According to the requirements of the brand, we offer a solution for every need.

Remember that at Sampling Innovations we offer a full service approach, plus all the additional support needed for this product range.

From R&D, bulk manufacturing, packaging and final conditioning to a 360º service.

In many market segments, as a complement to existing brands, specific product applications can be developed or simply innovative and attractive packaging for the creation of single-dose collections that can bring significant benefits to the brand and the consumer.

Considering that each customer and brand is unique, we offer experience and a high level of knowledge in many areas, such as product compatibility with different packaging, printing technologies, suitable formats and creative ideas for the final presentation.

To sum up, retail sets are a very attractive solution to bring your brand closer to the consumer and to increase the chances of attracting new customers. Tell us what you need and let us take care of the rest.

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