Sachet Vials

Other than the quality of your beauty or cosmetic product, creative packaging is one of the best, most effective marketing tools.

Specifically, the creativity of your promotional marketing campaign will determine the success of your brand, in terms of distributing single-dose samples and differentiating your product from the competition. Do you want to know more about one of the most creative forms of packaging? Then don’t miss out on all the information about sachet vials below.

Sachet Vials, an envelope of beauty (in a vial)

Have you ever been away from home on a trip and needed to use one of your favourite products but forgot to bring it with you? The idea of sachet vials is to bring an end to this sort of dilemma. And how do they do that? In a completely different and surprising way!

Occasionally, the single dose of a sachet may include too much product for a single use. This problem can be easily solved by adding a vial to the sachet, allowing it to be opened and closed as many times as desired, while the product inside keeps its properties intact. On a design level, it also allows us to play with creativity and opt for a more casual or sophisticated look, depending on the requirements of each brand.

Sachet Vials, make them work for you

High-quality customer service is the principle we work on at Sampling Innovations. Have you decided to use our company to help you design the best advertising strategy for distributing your products? Then sachet vials are a method that we should take into consideration.

Our multidisciplinary team is 100% involved in each project to provide you with the best possible campaign. We strive to respond quickly and efficiently, always offering the best ideas for each project. We take care of the whole process—design, production and final presentation of the product—to ensure that you’re fully satisfied with the results.

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