Duo Sachet

Day cream and night cream, shampoo and conditioner, or just two samples of the same perfume. These are just a few of the applications you could implement if you decide to distribute your cosmetic and beauty products in a duo sachet.

At Sampling Innovations, we seek to always offer you the best promotional solutions for your products. By distributing two products at the same time, you double the informative value of the product to your customer. Want to learn more?

The duo sachet, more communication and information

The type of sachet you choose will depend on the type of beauty products you distribute. At Sampling Innovations, we always take the best interests of each client into consideration, and we believe that the duo sachet is the top choice if your brand develops complementary products and you wish to introduce your customer to both of them.

The duo sachet format consists of two sachets joined together, so you can offer two of your products to the customer instead of one. Also, by expanding the surface area, you gain a greater visual space which allows you to offer more information to the user.

An attractive design for a duo sachet

In terms of appealing to your customer, the design of the packaging can influence their decision just as much as the quality of the product being presented, such as perfume, shampoo or hair conditioner.

At Sampling Innovations, as experts in the sector, we guide you throughout the entire development process in order to create the best packaging for the distribution of your promotional samples. The multidisciplinary nature of our team helps you to choose both the best advertising message for your duo sachet and the colours and images used on said sachet, to ensure that the visual aspect is in line with your brand image, as well as being attractive to your customers.

We have more than 30 years’ experience producing single-dose products for beauty and cosmetic brands. So, you can rely on us to help your products succeed. We look forward to learning about your project and helping you develop the best sampling strategy for your brand. Get in touch now!

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