Sachet Individual

If there’s one form of promotional sample that everyone knows about, it’s the sachet.

And it’s no wonder, as most beauty and cosmetic brands are known for distributing individual sachet samples of perfume, makeup or face cream. But, what is it that makes this such an effective option for communicating with the customer? Let us explain how this form of promotional sampling could help bring you great success in your sector.

The advantages of the individual sachet

These days, it’s common practice to hand out or distribute individual sachets as a promotional tactic. Many brands choose this format for its ease of use, as well as other benefits such as the small amount of space the sachets take up. The fact that a user can take your product with them wherever they go, converts your brand into a trusted companion.

Testing a new face moisturiser or makeup brand becomes a much simpler task when the customer is presented with the perfect amount of product for one use. Single-dose products increase the probability of making a sale if the customer liked the product. Plus, the flexible format of sachets makes them ideal for adapting to any space and circumstance.

The individual sachet and an attractive design

They say that design forms the basis of a good first impression. So, if you want to promote your cosmetic and beauty products through individual sachet samples, the next step to consider is creating an attractive design.

At Sampling Innovations, we’re aware of the importance of design. As such, our team works very hard to create the perfect proposal for you. To this effect, individual sachets are perfectly customisable, so you can include your brand image and as many logos or texts as you like.

All you need to do is tell us the idea you have in mind. We’ll take care of the rest!

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