Sample Packaging

Position your brand with our third-party packaging

If you need to package your beauty or cosmetic products, you’re in the right place! Here at Sampling Innovations, we’re ready to help.

Cosmetic packaging, a plus for your company

Many consumers have already discovered new fragrances or cosmetic products thanks to the cosmetic packaging of samples they’ve received from perfumeries or boutiques.

Sample packaging

Sampling Innovations works to provide the best solutions for companies and consumers alike. For example, the user gets to discover a new perfume or cosmetic, and can also take the sample with them to share with other people, which multiplies the efficiency of the sample.

This type of service is real plus for any company specialising in perfume or cosmetics, since it gives you the security of a job well done and the certainty that your message will reach your potential consumers.

Innovation at the service of the consumer

Our company offers packaging and product handling services to third parties. Some of our clients, which include both multinational and medium-sized companies, can vouch for the great results of their projects.

“Why?”, you ask. Through our third-party packaging service you’ll be able to position your product in the market, using whatever type of packaging you choose. At Sampling Innovations, we take care of all your needs and requirements, adapting each project to achieve the best results.

We have a highly skilled, qualified team with years of expertise in the sector, and we provide a safe environment for them to further develop their skills.

We have a comprehensive and extensive infrastructure which allows you to package and develop any kind of product, however complex and demanding it may be. In addition, we use multiple dosing systems to offer a wide range of presentation possibilities.

Sampling Innovations Europe is a pioneer in innovation within the sector of promotional samples and single-dose products. We are leaders in the sector, specialising in the development of items in multiple formats and sizes for cosmetic, perfume and personal care products.

Quality in third-party packaging

For our company, quality is key when distributing a product, so we’re committed to an effective and efficient quality policy as one of our distinctive features, ensuring the pursuit of current regulations and compliance with the requirements agreed with the client, both during the production process and in the final product.

The constant development of new technology requires companies to continuously improve their product lines. For this reason, our company analyses, researches and verifies all projects, right down to the smallest detail, using state-of-the-art systems with a specific purpose: to obtain the best results for each of our clients, always guaranteeing high-quality service and maintaining the right balance between production and project profitability.

Ultimately, choosing to work with an innovative, creative company like ours to create your packaging is a surefire bet for improving your company, both at a brand and business level, because building the right promotional marketing strategy for your business is vital to achieving great results.

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