Scent Colour

Perhaps you’ve never considered it before, but there’s a really simple way that you can replicate your fragrances in promotional brochures, magazine ads or any other promotional material used to reach your end customer.

From Sampling Innovations, we present the Scent Colour scented labels, perfect for giving life to your fragrances without the user needing to be near the perfume bottle itself. Find out more below!

These are Scent Colour labels

Scent colour labels are scented labels printed in colour. Their aim is to create a visual impression of the product, while allowing your client to better understand its main characteristics, such as the scent and, if you wish, the shape and colour of the perfume bottle.

This means that you can also use the Scent Colour scented labels to replicate the shape of your perfume bottle or even display a message inside. This is, without a doubt, a great way of making your products come alive, and motivating the end customer to buy them.

Scent colour, a chance to differentiate yourself from the rest

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, scented labels can offer your products the opportunity to set themselves apart from those of your competitors. Where the competition focuses solely on the visual aspect of their product, you have a clear advantage, as you’re able to advertise both the aesthetic and sensory characteristics of your fragrance at the same time.

Furthermore, these labels are a way of bringing your product directly to the consumer, without them having been to the point of sale. You can include them in all kinds of promotional material, from postcards, leaflets, brochures or magazine inserts, allowing the customer to open and close the scented label as many times as they want without it losing its aroma.

Scent Colour scented labels are made using a system whereby a small liquid dose of the desired fragrance is encapsulated within a synthetic label. This is a great competitive advantage, because it lowers costs. Without a doubt, the Scent Colour labels are the perfect option for differentiating your brand and boosting sales.

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