Scent Crystal

Would you like your customers to recognise your fragrances as soon as they smell them? If this is something you’re looking to achieve, we have the perfect promotional sampling solution for you!

Our Scent Crystal scented labels awaken your customer’s sense of smell, making sure they remember your fragrances as soon as they smell them.

Scent Crystal characteristics

Perhaps you’ve never heard the name ‘Scent Crystal’ before, but we’re sure you will have read a magazine or promotional brochure which advertised a fragrance and let you smell it without having to buy it. Perhaps the scent of the perfume caught your attention, and you proceeded to purchase it at the next available opportunity. This is precisely the objective of Scent Crystal scented labels.

Scent Crystal scented labels are transparent, so they can be placed over any type of creative or advertising text associated with the brand. This allows the user to smell the perfume while reading the product information.

Likewise, these labels arouse the consumer’s emotions through their sense of smell, giving life to any printed material, such as postcards, leaflets, brochures or magazine inserts.

The advantages of Scent Crystal scented labels

You’re probably wondering why you should use Scent Crystal scented labels to advertise your perfume. First and foremost, it’s a very creative method of promoting your brand. Additionally, when an advert is accompanied by a scented label, it has enormous increased potential for persuading a consumer to purchase your product.

On the other hand, only a small amount of concentrated oil is required to manufacture this type of scented label, which makes them very cost-effective. For all these reasons and more, we at Sampling Innovations recommend that you use Scent Crystal to advertise your fragrances, ensuring that your customers remember their scent, and, ultimately, end up buying them.

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