Scent Dry

Getting a customer to remember a product for its scent is the result of any good sensory marketing campaign.

If you’ve been thinking about launching a promotional sampling campaign, we recommend that you consider Scent Dry scented labels: the results are exceptional. Let us tell you more below!

Scent Dry, a new way to entice your customer

You have to be creative and arouse emotion in order to capture the attention of your target customer, especially when the product you’re marketing is a perfume, as this is a highly competitive sector. The element of surprise is an excellent tool for appealing to your end customer.

To achieve this, Scent Dry scented labels are the ideal promotional sampling tool. They enable the fragrance of your new product to “follow” your potential customers wherever they go.

Scent Dry, in all shapes and sizes

You’re probably wondering how to make your fragrance stand out in places far away from the final point of sale. Well, this is precisely one of the main benefits of scented labels. They can be inserted into any promotional brochure, magazine or catalogue insert, so their reach is much wider than that of any other promotional product.

Not only that, but they also come in many different shapes and sizes, from a perfume bottle shape to an opaque gift-like version, which intrigues the user and allows them to discover the fragrance by lifting the label.

As you can see, the Scent Dry labels leave a lot of room for creative expression, as well as being a cost-effective, innovative and, above all, surprising promotional sampling tool. If you’re looking to attract new customers and retain regular ones, scented labels are definitely the way to go!

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