Scented polymers

If you’re looking for an original way to impress your customers and attract new users, we at Sampling Innovations know how to help you. Among the many materials we use for our campaigns we highlight polymers and scented resins, an excellent alternative to the most common materials (glass and PET).

We create scented polymers for perfume and cosmetics brands that want to bring their fragrances to the consumer with the most creative ideas. Thanks to their innovative technology, we can say that they are a marketing tool in their own right. We’ll tell you more about them below!

Benefits of using polymers

The use of polymers in sampling techniques is becoming increasingly popular. Not surprisingly, it provides great advantages in marketing strategies. The integration of the aroma into the polyurethane resin allows us to offer unusual and revolutionary products to our customers. Here are some of the most important advantages of its implementation:

  • It works in three senses: sight, touch and smell.
  • It embellishes and differentiates the products of the competition.
  • Facilitates brand memorization.
  • It can be perfumed with general or personalized scents.
  • Resistant materials.
  • Translucent or opaque: suitable for any campaign.
  • Simplicity of manufacture and consequent competitive price.

Advertising that awakens the senses

At Sampling Innovations we adapt the advertising you need to the perfect medium. We are passionate about sampling, and experts in managing campaigns for the most innovative projects. That’s precisely why we include scented polymers in our range of advertising media options. A polymer is a macromolecule composed of thousands of smaller molecules chemically linked together. Most plastics are, in fact, made from polymers, and their use in advertising is more common than you might think.

Polymers are mostly used in the manufacture of bottles and even for rubber-based advertising media, just to mention a few examples. They also stand out for their low price and simplicity of manufacture.

In this context, this format is an option to be taken into account if you are looking to attract new customers and build up the loyalty of your regulars. Mostly because it brings real added value to your media. As we have already mentioned, its effect is not limited to the smell, but also transcends sight and touch.

The impact generated by polymers will allow your product to stand out from your competitors, improving the user experience and making your brand easier to remember. What are you waiting for to make a difference in the industry? Tell us what your objectives are, and we will work together to define the best strategy.

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