Scented Wipes

Whether in restaurants, hotels or stores, there are many ways for your customer to discover your products and hold onto them for use when needed.

Scented wipes are the perfect example of this. Let us explain why!

The advantages of scented wipes

Scented wipes can be imbued with the fragrance of your choice and, as such, they’re an excellent advertising medium for many different reasons. Here we outline some of the most important advantages.

  • A great promotional channel for businesses across different sectors.
  • Full range of aesthetic presentation options.
  • Cost-effective with good lead times.
  • Easy access to the wipes for the user.

Scented wipes appeal to your customer

Scented wipes are an excellent advertising medium, directly appealing to your customer’s sense of smell and, therefore, to their memory. They can be imbued with any fragrance you like, and can be easily positioned in numerous spaces (restaurants, hotels, casinos, seafood nurseries, airlines, arcades, perfumeries, etc.). This means, they become a very accessible option for consumers.

Moreover, the aesthetic presentation is completely customisable, with multiple options in shape, size, laminate and printing finish. This results in an alternative promotional tool which perfectly adapts to the needs, preferences and tastes of each brand.

Our scented wipes are manufactured in compliance with the strictest hygiene control standards, guaranteeing maximum quality. They’re also very cost-effective and have excellent lead times.
This type of promotional packaging is one of the best showcases a company can have. In order to win over new customers, you need to get as close to them as possible, and these scented wipes over a super flexible method of doing so, being adaptable to most perfumery products.

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