Maybe you’re not familiar with the name, but stickpacks are present in everyday life, in sectors from beauty and personal care to food and pharmaceuticals. They’re sachets with an elongated tubular shape, an easy opening system and precise dosage.

They comprise a flexible, aseptic, clean and highly practical packaging format that can contain different types of product, such as liquid, granulated, powdered or even cream. And, they’re perfect for any advertising campaign that includes giving samples to the customer. Are you inspired to use them in your marketing strategy?

The advantages of the stickpack

You can probably already guess some of the key advantages of stick packaging just from reading the introduction, but here we highlight some of the most important ones.

  • Ease of use, suitable for all audiences.
  • Small dimensions, so they fit anywhere.
  • Compact capabilities, which adapt to any space.
  • Practical use, ideal for one or two occasions.

Stickpack, a practical format for any brand

The stickpack is an increasingly successful format internationally, and the reasons for this are as numerous as they are varied. Best of all, they’re super practical and capable of holding different types of products, ranging from powdered beverages, sweeteners or vitamins to different nutritional products.

They also come in different shapes and sizes, adaptable to smaller or larger dosage requirements, with a customisable width and height. This is an option which completely conforms to the needs and tastes of each client.

Sectors such as food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and even home cleaning are increasingly turning to this solution in order to meet the demands of their users. There’s no limit to the type of product that the stickpack can hold.

But not only that, this is also a creative alternative capable of helping your brand to get noticed in multiple different spaces, appealing to established customers, while attracting potential consumers at the same time.

At Sampling Innovations, we care about understanding your needs, your brand and your goals in order to create the best proposal for your marketing campaign. We always seek to offer you the best options and formats to ensure the success of your strategy.

Our team offers a high level of experience and expertise, which is applied to help you select the most appropriate and effective distribution channel for your project, with guaranteed results.

Innovation is a key factor of all our proposals; we’re always focused on maximising your return on investment by keeping up to date with the latest research. So, if you’re looking to position yourself well in the market, trust us to help your get the most out of your brand.

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