Stopper Vials

When a cosmetic brand wants to make any product more visible, whether it be a gel, makeup, moisturiser or perfume, sampling is an almost obligatory strategy.

At Sampling Innovations, we propose different solutions for distributing single doses of your products directly to your customers. One of the most attractive options is the stopper vial, the perfect choice for cosmetics. Let us tell you all about them!

Why choose stopper vials?

There are many reasons for choosing these vials as a distribution format for your samples. Just in case you’ve never seen them before, vials are small bottles or containers made of plastic or glass that can store products in virtually any state, be it liquid or solid, and are perfect for various uses.

Stopper vials have a fastening system comprising a stopper made of cork or plastic, depending on the type of packaging selected. This allows the vial to be easily opened and closed as many times as the user needs.

In addition, the small size of this type of sample makes it perfect for being carried around in a handbag to be used when needed or, for example, for taking a single dose of a required cosmetic product on a trip.

Plan your campaign with stopper vials

Have you already decided to choose this promotional sampling solution? You won’t regret it! Now, you just have to let our multidisciplinary team at Sampling Innovations get to work. We’ll help you design a marketing strategy which fully represents your brand and product, and which meets all your objectives.

All you need to do is tell us all those ideas you have running around your head, and our team will take care of bringing them to life. Don’t hesitate, get in touch with us now!

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