Thermoformed Ampoules

Thermoformed ampoules are the best solution for distributing a single dose of any liquid cosmetic, such as a serum. Thermoformed moulds are an ideal and interesting choice for presenting samples of your beauty products.

Here at Sampling Innovations, we encourage you to implement this type of packaging for your single-dose products; it’s a very practical way to distribute cosmetic samples. Read on to discover more.

Thermoformed ampoules and their characteristics

Why should you choose thermoformed ampoules for your beauty product samples instead of other packaging options? One of the main reasons to use this type of packaging is its ease of use. In addition to this, thermoformed ampoules have an elegant, high-quality look, which is ideal for distributing luxury products.

Another great advantage of thermoformed ampoules is their high resistance. They’re made of a strong material that doesn’t break easily, which makes these containers very suitable for distributing the type of cosmetic samples that would be taken on a trip or carried in a handbag to be applied at the appropriate time.

Innovation in thermoformed ampoules

Thermoformed ampoules are also characterised by their innovative nature. Their use in the sampling field means that this type of packaging has already been adapted to create solutions for the cosmetics and beauty sector. These products are personalised to the needs of each client, always prioritising quality to set your brand apart from the competition.

At Sampling Innovations, we accompany you throughout the entire process of positioning your product in the market. We are a pioneer company in the development of samples and single-dose products. We offer a wide variety of items, in multiple shapes and sizes, for cosmetics, perfume and personal care products, always focusing on finding the most creative and innovative solution possible.

We are experts in comprehensive project management for sampling campaigns, such as distributing cosmetics at the point of sale using thermoformed ampoules. We offer a 360º service from start to finish, always taking into account the brand, the product, the target audience and the budget.

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