Thermoformed Jars

Day cream, night cream, moisturiser, scrub or whatever the product may be, it’s essential that it has attractive packaging which appeals to the final consumer.

We are aware of how difficult it can be to choose the right packaging for your beauty products, so we at Sampling Innovations encourage you to consider using thermoformed jars. Let us tell you about some of their advantages.

The benefits of thermoformed PET jars

Thermoformed PET jars are one of the most practical solutions for distributing cosmetics. PET is one of the most widely used materials for thermoforming. It is first moulded into the desired shape and then cooled to increase resistance. This strong material is resistant to practically everything, which is another great benefit of the thermoformed jars. It also makes them a very versatile form of packaging.

Thermoformed PET jars for promotions

If you’ve already decided to use thermoformed PET jars to distribute your cosmetics samples, you won’t regret it; these jars confer a much more glamorous look to your product, in this way reinforcing your brand image.

At Sampling Innovations, we ensure that everything is perfect for your promotional campaign. This type of packaging is ideal for including personalised labels with the name of the product, brand and any additional message that you want to add. There’s no doubt that distributing cosmetics in thermoformed jars will help you create a stronger brand image and reach more potential customers.

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