Users perceive thermoformed samples as the highest quality version of samples. At Sampling Innovations, our aim is to always offer you the best solution, which is why we offer unique thermoformed promotional products. Check them out here!

The advantages of thermoforming

The market for single-use custom products never stops evolving, and thermoforming is a great example of this. Thermoforming is a high-performance manufacturing process whereby a half-finished plastic sheet is heated to create a usable product. Here we outline some of the main advantages:
  • Customisable shapes, openings and applicators.
  • High-quality product samples.
  • Various ways to use them in the beauty sector.
  • Product safety (transparent plastic allows you to see and choose the product without having to open it).
  • Cost savings
  • Protection and hygiene of the product
  • Controlled dosage

The security contribution of thermoforming

The cosmetics market requires a high degree of product protection. Therefore, it's necessary for packaging to be a security feature capable of avoiding contamination. Thermoforming is perfect for this. Thermoforming creates a rigid, structured sample in a high range of shapes, with various opening features and applicators available. The samples can be assembled in multiple different finishes to create a luxurious, quality product, with highly customisable formats for beauty products and perfumes. The process is adaptable to large-scale production, especially for the manufacturing of small tubs for product sampling. This has led to the development of sequential moulding machines with multiple mould cavities, automated systems, and conveyor belts. Trust Sampling Innovations. We are experts in comprehensive project management and innovators in the development of sampling campaigns, gift sets and single-use sales products. We offer a 360º service from start to finish, aiming to satisfy each client by manufacturing the best product possible. We are passionate about sampling and, as such, we offer fully customised solutions for all types of products. We are confident that thermoforming will allow you to offer better protection and higher quality delivery of all your products.