Ticket Scent®

Ticket Scent® is a clever system of dispensing scented samples in a hygienic, personal and simple way.

It is revolutionary in the world of perfumery and could be the ultimate solution for your brand.

Advantages of Ticket Scent®

Today we must innovate the way in which we test products in store. Ticket Scent® is the perfect example which will greatly facilitate and improves the user experience.
The key advantages are:

  • Self Select dispensing system for scented samples.
  • Hygienic and individual, consumers conveniently take a single sample.
  • Designed for easy inclusion on shelves or adapted to any kind of store display.
  • Shape and design of dispenser can be customised.
  • Scented samples are re-sealable, consumer can open and test several times.
  • Each reel of samples contains 1 perfume reference with a fully customized design.
  • A QR code can be added for promotions, interactive information or communication.
  • Highly cost-effective: 200k samples are produced with just 1KG of concentrated oil.

Ticket Scent® and scented samples

Brands and retailers must ensure that consumers can test products before purchase in a safe and hygienic way. Sampling Innovations Europe present TICKET SCENT®, an innovative solution for dispensing scented samples in a hygienic, personal, and simple way.

At Sampling Innovations Europe we are pioneers in the development of samples and single-dose products. We have a wide variety of items, in multiple formats and sizes for cosmetics, perfumery and personal care products. We always focus on finding the most creative and innovative solutions to suit each brand and product.

We manage projects on a full service basis, from consultancy and testing through to sample production and logistics, to offer each brand a totally personalized sampling campaign.

Ticket Scent does not just deliver a simple, hygienic customer test, but also has the ability to surprise and attract potential consumers, so it is positioned as a highly effective non-invasive advertising tool.
And, if that were not all, it will not only increase your brand awareness but also raise your sales conversion rate. What are you waiting for? Contact us today!
*Technology patented by Adhespack and distributed by Sampling Innovations Europe.

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