Tube samples are a practical method of promoting any beauty product; a convenient, versatile alternative that offers great results.

At Sampling Innovations, we advise you on the best packaging for your samples, which is why we want to demonstrate to you all the great advantages that tubes could have for your product.

Tubes to promote cosmetics

Tubes are a traditional yet versatile way of promoting products. Their production process is efficient and automated, while also being highly customisable in terms of size and design, fully adapting to your every need.

With a capacity of 0.5ml, tube samples offer a wide range of options for both promotional products and full-size retail products.

The body of the tubes is made of plastic, but there are several different options for the cap format: from screw or flip-top to metal cover, two-piece or even custom caps. Do you already know which one you’d choose?

The benefits of tube-shaped miniatures

What are the benefits of using tubes? First of all, they’re convenient and practical, ideal for accompanying the consumer wherever they go. Consequently, they generate a positive impression of both the product and the brand, since the customer feels they can resort to your product any time, any place.

On the other hand, tubes are a highly customisable option, perfectly adaptable to your needs and tastes. They’re also reusable, for maximum usage and performance.

At Sampling Innovations, we’re passionate about helping each of our clients to achieve the best possible success with their marketing strategy. As experts in the sector, we will ensure that your products are extremely appealing to your target audience, and get them seen by more and more people. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

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