Vials Cardboard Wallet

In brochures, in sachets, in gift boxes… There are just so many options for distributing liquid samples of perfumery products, such as fragrances or essential oils! It’s likely that, with so many things to choose from, you’ll struggle to decide which is the best option for your project. Not to worry!

At Sampling Innovations, we want to help you decide the right sampling format for your brand. And, we think that vials with a carboard wallet are definitely one to think about! Find out more below.

Reasons to choose vials with a cardboard wallet

You can never lose sight of your target audience when implementing any sampling strategy. At Sampling Innovations, we’re always thinking of whom the single-dose products are directed towards, which is essential when it comes to choosing the best packaging solution.

Vials with a cardboard wallet are especially recommended if you want to pamper your user and you want them to feel comfortable both using and holding onto your product. They provide your customers with a way to save the sample when they’re not using it.

This promotional packaging option is also very useful for distributing two or more samples of the same product or different samples from the same range.

Vials with a cardboard wallet, all the information your customer needs

Vials with a cardboard wallet are not just a great option for the distribution of your product, they’re also perfect for providing your customer with information about the product and your brand.

It goes without saying that in planning your promotional sampling strategy we can also help you configure the design of your vial and its cardboard wallet, using the company logo, product name, and any other relevant and attractive information, to ensure that your customer is fully informed at all times. At Sampling Innovations, we leave nothing to chance. We think of everything so that you don’t have to!

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