Easy-Dose: The new single-dose sampling format with a convenient opening system, for the sale or promotion of products.

Introducing the format that will revolutionize the single-dose sampling market. An innovative format with a simple easy-opening system. With just one hand, bend the Easy-Dose by pressing at each end, the product is dispensed through a pre-cut opening in the centre. Fold fully to totally empty all the contents.
Easy, comfortable and hygienic, this will be the product that can really help improve your brand image.

Advantages of Easy-Dose

Easy-dose is the product that will help you succeed in your promotional marketing strategies. Discover some of its key advantages:

  • 98% optimization of the product content.
    Ensures 98% of product is dispensed with just one gesture.
  • Innovative solution delivers a new experience for the consumer.
    Stand out from competitors and ensure a positive impact.
  • Easy and hygienic. Use with just one hand.
  • Premium Positioning. High Quality look and feel.
  • Sizes available from 0.5 ml to 5 ml.
  • Eco-friendly material options available.
  • Custom printed for maximum visual impact.

Get the WOW effect among consumers

At Sampling Innovations we aim to offer you the best. Our sampling solutions are designed to support the launch of new brands or products, and we will always recommend the best format and solution for your project. Our service ranges from design and production, to the promotion and distribution of promotional samples or single-dose products for sale.

We are experts in the development of innovative products for all types of campaigns, always taking into account the brand, product, target audience and budget. We are committed to you and promoting your brand in the best way possible.

In this sense, Easy-Dose is a product that allows brands to create the WOW effect among consumers, as it is a totally innovative product with a very positive ergonomic impact. It can be 100% custom printed with your brand’s design, as well as packed into flyers, cards or cartons. Are you ready to join this revolution in the packaging world?

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