The perfume and cosmetics industry never ceases to amaze. The constant influx of new trends in this sector makes it necessary for consumers to try out new products. Why not do this through sachet packaging? Here we explain why this is an excellent idea.

Why choose sachets?

How many times have you been away from home and encountered a beauty or cosmetic emergency with no product available to solve it? This happens a lot, particularly to women. In fact, many women overcome these crises by carrying small sachets of cosmetic products or their favourite perfume with them in their bag. These so-called sachets are an excellent way of avoiding trouble when you're away from home. Many companies choose this form of sampling to promote their products, while others manufacture their cosmetics or fragrances specifically to be marketed in this format. Positioning a new facial product or fragrance in the market is not always easy. Throughout your business trajectory, you've probably faced an infinite number of difficulties when attempting to position a product in the market. But that's all over now! Sachets are one of the best options available to offer a sample of perfume or cosmetics to your consumer. Choosing sachet packaging is choosing a high-quality form of promotion and a great future for your product. This type of promotional packaging is one of the best showcases a company can have. They can be handed out as samples in perfumeries, cosmetics stores, and even in beauty magazines. Moreover, the production time for sachets is usually short (between 6 and 12 weeks), which makes it both convenient and cost-effective for any company.

The sachet, the most competitive form of packaging

Is it true that sachets are the most competitive form of promotional material on the market? Yes. In fact, they're one of the best options, full stop. Let us tell you why. Sachets can adapt to any type of promotional campaign, including via direct mail or magazine inserts, which means they can reach the consumer directly, where no other type of advertising can. In turn, sachets also provide a very practical solution for sales products designed for travel kits, gift sets, or single-use products, which are usually already for sale. As we've seen, they're a foolproof option for consumers facing a beauty emergency and, as such, if the user is satisfied with this one-time use of the product, they're likely to buy the full-size version as soon as they're presented with the opportunity. We produce high-quality sachets under GMP conditions, with excellent prices and delivery times. We customise them to suit any brand requirement, in various shapes, sizes or formats, and we offer them a wide variety of laminated materials and print finishes. You need to get as close as possible to the consumer in order to win them over, and sachets offer a very flexible way of doing this. They adapt to most beauty, personal care and perfume products, and, best of all, the use of sachets guarantees the impact of any marketing campaign. Looking to seduce your target audience? Opt for sachet samples; you won't be disappointed.